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College Admission Consulting

We don't simply help you make your college application better. We connect and design your story to convey a unique and powerful message.

What We Provide

Grade 8th - 11th


  • Academic advisement & Course selection

  • Leadership opportunities advisement via extracurricular activities

  • Portfolio development via exploration around academic and personal interests

  • Summer program, conference, and competition resources & planning

  • Interest exploration for college majors and future career

  • Standardized testing plan (SAT/ACT/AP)

  • Internship, shadowing, and student research project resources & planning

  • College list planning (Safe/Target/Reach)

  • College major selection strategy

  • Letters of recommendation support

​Grade 12th

  • College application support (Common App/UC App/Coalition App/MIT App/Apply Texas)

  • Application selection strategy (Early action/Early decision/Regular decision)

  • College application essay end to end support

    • Narrative development​

    • Personal statement crafting, editing & reviewing

    • Strategic selection of essay prompts

  • Mock interview sessions

  • Scholarship identification and application support

Our Advice

We recommend students to start planning before going into 9th grade but this does not mean it is late for them to do so while attending high school.

Students and parents tend to misunderstand that college admission is all about having high academic performance and doing various activities.

However, there is no such standard way of getting accepted to top-tier institutions. Rather, students need to focus on discovering their uniqueness and consider viewpoints perceived by admission teams of their desired college.

Everyone is unique in their own way. We believe that diversity empowers the world that we live in. Whoever he is or wherever she is from, each of students deserves to learn and make a huge impact starting today forth.

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