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Appointment Request

Please have your student information prior to the meeting. These include necessary information relevant to the program you are interested in (i.e. classes taken or will take, SAT score if known, GPA, extracurricular activities, volunteering).
We offer both online and in-person consultations. You can choose one of the options below that suit your needs.

  • What does Yeon mean?
    Yeon means "relationship" in Korean. Even for a trivial and short-term relationship, we do our best in establishing students’ academic and career goals by providing personalized guidelines.
  • What is unique about Yeon?
    Yeon Education was built from numerous trials and errors encountered by the founders who were once high school and college students. Our goal is to provide values beyond college admission or high test scores by creating a nove system based on diverse experiences and practical knowledge.
  • What is Yeon's core value?
    We cherish each student with cogent guidance, thriving environment, and meaningful relationship.
  • How does Yeon create value?
    In every program, we implement a collaborative environment by helping students unlearn passive attitudes and emphasizing proactive learning to product better outcomes.
  • What kind of service does Yeon provide?
    See our curriculum




Every student shows different qualities and resides in different situations. Regardless of the starting points, we establish clear objectives and implement meticulous approach to each student. Personalization is the key to success.


SAT 1540 | Vanderbilt '26

My tutor helped me so much in applying to different colleges and I am so glad with the help of Yeon, I will be able to go to Vanderbilt University with full scholarship! Their college admission program and SAT tutoring were very helpful and easy to follow.

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