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Yeon means "relationship"

We aim to do our best in establishing students' academic and career goals by providing specific guidelines.



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Yeon was built from numerous trials and errors encountered by the founders who were once high school and college students. Our goal is to provide values beyond college admission or high test scores by creating a novel system based on diverse experiences and practical knowledge.

It is common to be lost at the moment, not knowing what to do in life. Therefore, we are here to help you find the right course, something that's not chased by others but uniquely by yourself. Regardless of your current progress and surrounding environment, we will help consolidate your path towards self-actualization.

Untangle Your Path

Sometimes, life can be harsh. Everything around you may seem to be out of control. A bitter investment now can lead to your sweet dreams in the future. We are here to support you and endure with you.

Embrace Your Identity

Everyone is unique in their own way. We believe that diversity empowers the world that we live in. Whoever you are or wherever you are from, each of you deserves to learn and make a huge impact starting today forth.

Optimize Your Path

Everyone has their own path. Life would be hectic if it’s all about competition. Instead, by joining our community, we encourage you to reflect yourself with enough time and pursue your own path.

Network with Others

Networking is an asset - a key to success. Make constant learning never end. Become an active listener. Support each other. These initiatives will spur a healthy community as you will make immense progress.

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