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GPA Management

Our solution allows students to establish tangible goals, create a thorough weekly planner, and take proactive actions. Designated mentors will keep track of the student's progress every week. 

What We Provide

  • Weekly planner

    • The planner contains 30-min timeblocks in which students record their actions, 래follow weekly objectives, and receive mentor's detailed feedback

  • Designated mentor

    • Students will be matched with an experienced mentor to help them appropriately utilize the weekly planner. Each mentor will to ensure the quality

  • Check-up sessions

    • Designated mentors will host two check-up sessions every week to revisit goals, review past action items, and provide suggestions based on the weekly planner. 

  • Communication channel

  • Moneyback guarantee

Our Advice

We generally recommend students to start studying for the SAT once they decide when to take the first exam.

However, it is very difficult to create the right study plan before taking a diagnostic exam. Some students need only three months of preparation or some need more than a year, all of which depend on their current situations.

Knowing that many students and parents may not know where to start, we provide a 30 minute complimentary consultation either over the phone or in-person at our office.

We also provide a FREE diagnostic exam so students know where they are and what to do.

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