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5 Strategies To Improve "Your"' College Admission Odds

Everyone can find a plethora of information about college admission with a simple help from a search engine like Google. Strong SAT scores, high GPA, extracurriculars, volunteering, and so on. These are all vital parts of the college admission process. However, what the search engines cannot find are the “right” strategies you should focus on while starting your lifelong journey since they do not consider your own situations. What we can find out there merely displays generalized information, much of them do not resemble “you.”

Here at Yeon Education, we internally implement standardized methods to generate personalized curriculum to those seeking help in college admission. For every one of you wondering where, what, and how to start preparing for college admission process, we provide 5 strategies that everyone can follow and will ultimately improve your odds at getting admitted to your dream college. We call these SMART strategies.

Start asap

Time management is the key to success. Always plan ahead so you can see the big picture of your 4-year plan of high school. This doesn’t change when you are in college or even at work. We created our own High School Tracker that helps you record everything you do in high school. The Tracker will follow everywhere you go and should become your best friend. This is proven to be very useful especially when you start writing college application essays because you know every bit of yourself, which is the main source for your personal statements.

Make your own path

We always tell students: You deserve to live your “own” life, develop your “own” passion and achieve your “own” dreams. This may sound very easy to do but many of us don’t do it because we want to fit in due to our fear of social rejection (brain thinks of social rejection as physical pain). That pain will disappear when you realize that no one knows about you better than yourself. We help you recognize your strengths and weaknesses so you know what to focus on because “knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom” as Aristotle puts it.

Aim for beyond

Do not underestimate yourself. Once you start putting yourself a limit, you will make yourself believe that your incapabilities persist. Remember that your self-concept defines your limit. This does not mean you should suddenly become over confident. We know mentality is a huge part of life as well as during college admission process. Therefore, we consider your interests and personalities to match you with the best mentor whom you feel comfortable sharing anything about your journey.

Reiterate your why

“Think before do.” This seems obvious but many students we have seen “do before think.” The main point is that college wants to see why you have done activities that you list in your resume and college application. Your intent should align with what you want to do in college and beyond. Reiterating your why helps you maintain motivation to keep yourself from running out of fuel. Be aware that the college admission process starts as soon as you become a 9th grade. Four years go by quickly but require a lot of effort and time.

Thank those around you

Although you make your own stories, you can go so much further with the help of others. Even if you don't notice, there are people in your life who support you and push you towards your goals, and we are just one of those people. Your parents, teachers, counselors, and classmates have shaped your path so far and will continue to influence your high school career all the way up to college admission. Don't be afraid to seek for assistance from these people when you need it, as long as you remember to appreciate the help you receive and the care they give.

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