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SAT Program

Our SAT program was designed by top scoreres to help students increase their SAT scores more efficiently and build essential learning techniques. 

What We Provide

  • Optimized Diagnostic Chart

    • Students can identify strengths and weaknesses by organizing question types with low scores into specific categories, visualizing their mistakes and even correct guesses, and coming up with appropriate solutions.​

  • Practical Homework Solutions

    • Our homework solutions remove procrastination and passive attitude from students but instead add consistency and proactive learning attitude.​

  • In-Depth Progress Report

    • Our progress report is created through in-depth analysis by considering student's learning patterns, study habits, personalities, personal goals, and more.​

  • After-Program Planner

    • We do not give up students even after the program ends. Our after-program planner helps students maintain their acquired knowledge and learning abilities up until the test day, which can be monitored and managed by us.​

  • Interactive Lecture Series

    • Our lecture sessions are designed to promote an interactive environment, where students unlearn passive attitudes but learn active thought processing skills.​

  •  Diverse Study Materials

    • Students do not need to purchase any study materials. We provide for them. These include but not limited to practice exams, study guidelines, vocabulary worksheets, homework, etc.​

Our Advice

We generally recommend students to start studying for the SAT once they decide when to take the first exam.

However, it is very difficult to create the right study plan before taking a diagnostic exam. Some students need only three months of preparation or some need more than a year, all of which depend on their current situations.

Knowing that many students and parents may not know where to start, we provide a 30 minute complimentary consultation either over the phone or in-person at our office.

We also provide a FREE diagnostic exam so students know where they are and what to do.

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