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What is Yeon? How do we differ from other consulting and test-prep companies?

In Korean, “Yeon” means relationship. Our mission here at Yeon Education is to cherish and grow each relationship that we build with our students. We not only focus on guiding our students towards reaching their college and career goals, but also design and promote our curriculums to allow the students to grow as an individual and move onto the next stage of their life successfully. Regardless of the student’s background, we aim to provide the environment and guidance they need in order to develop their independence and ability to thrive in the world they will soon enter.

Our mission

Yeon Education was started by college graduates from the U.S. who successfully went through the entire college admission process and hoped to assist current students by sharing their personal experiences and providing advice and tips that could potentially advance the students’ careers. Our dream is not bounded by simply teaching students to raise their scores; our focus is centered on personalizing our education curriculum for each student that we connect with and providing a value beyond the conventional academy purpose.

Knowing what I have to do and sometimes even knowing what I want to do is difficult to create a simple answer to. That is why we focus on helping our students find the answer not to the purpose of life itself, but rather the way in which one can create meaning, personal meaning, to their life.

With this mission and motto as the driving theme of the entire company, Yeon is an educational research center that will focus its entire efforts into two goals: personalizing every step of the student’s experience with Yeon and truly valuing the relationship that we build with the student.

To learn more about our service, you can schedule a 30 minute complimentary consultation either via online or in-person


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