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When should You Start Studying for SAT?

The SAT is a critical factor in the college admission process, and many students and parents wonder when the right time to start studying for the SAT is. Although most students take the exam in their junior year, what most students need to realize is that starting SAT test prep early will not only allow the student to more easily reach their target score, but also overall improve their college admission prep throughout high school. SAT prep depends on so many different factors, and high school will only progress to become more tough. Thus, starting early, some even in the 8-9th grade, can be very beneficial for students.

Make Your Junior Year Easier

Junior year will most likely be the most difficult year for high school students, as this is when the level of difficulty of courses will increase and more AP courses are taken. As challenging as this year will be, this is why you should lessen the stress by preparing for the SAT early. If you prepare early and reach closer to your target score early, you will not have to worry too much on the SAT during junior year and simply focus on keeping your school grades up and doing well on the AP exams.

Plan and Prepare Strategically

As the SAT as three different subjects (Math, Reading, Writing), students each have their own strengths and weaknesses not only among these subjects, but also within each subject. With practice, you can analyze which question types you miss more often and prepare strategically for those specific questions. If you start late, time management will become a lot more difficult with more difficult school work, extra curricular activities, and other college prep. Thus, study for the exam early, recognize your strengths and weaknesses, and create a unique study plan that matches your specific needs in advance.

Take Pressure Off of Other College Prep

The college admission process will be a very stressful time period with so many things to manage at once. This includes university research, extra-curricular activities, internships, college essays, and general school course work. As intense as your junior and senior year will be, achieving your target SAT score before this stressful period of time will alleviate the weight on your shoulder by a significant amount. This will allow you to focus on things that you can only do during your junior and senior year and overall create better results for AP exams, GPA, and other activities.


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