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How Yeon's Tutoring Program is Personalized to the Student

Yeon's Personalized Tutoring Curriculum

Our personalized tutoring is designed to find the most compatible student-instructor pair to produce results beyond the student’s goal. Upon registration, we collect student’s information, including but not limited to GPA, standardized exam scores like SAT and AP, current needs and goals, tutoring environment preference, and study habits. Such information helps us and our instructor to develop a personalized curriculum along with multiple strategies the student could utilize.

Tutoring Options

Our individual tutoring package comes with three options: 8 hours, 12 hours, and 18 hours. Session dates and time are determined by the student and his or her instructor via one-on-one live chat, which provides flexibility for both stakeholders and minimizes any schedule conflict.

Our group tutoring package also has three options to choose from: 12 hours, 18 hours, and 24 hours. Unlike the individual tutoring, session dates and time are fixed once established. However, in the first place, they are facilitated based on students’ availability.

Progress Report

After each session, our instructor will write a progress report that consists of a learning evaluation of the student and instructor’s comments. The learning evaluation has four criteria of the student: attitude, comprehension, participation, and diligence. The instructor’s comments include but are not limited to what was done during the session, how it was done, what and how to work on, and any additional suggestion. These will be posted on the student’s private page, where students and their parents have access to.


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