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How Our Instructor Interview Process Generates Results

Our instructors go through a selective interview process which consists of a screening stage, behavioral interview, and a situational interview. In the interviews, we look for candidates who qualify with excellent academic and career achievements as well as values that match Yeon's primary mission to cherish our relationships with students.

The Profile Screening Stage includes a detailed analysis of the candidates’ qualifications. In order to progress to the Interview Stage, candidates must satisfy minimum standards in academic requirements, teaching experience, and personal career achievement/future goals. Academically, all instructors must exceed a minimum college GPA(standard varying on the major) and specific scores for the SAT, AP, and various exams to be able to teach corresponding subjects. Teaching experience is also evaluated in order to join Yeon as an instructor. Yeon prioritizes the relationship between the instructor and the student to the highest importance, and thus we look for candidates who have both a background in tutoring and a desire to genuinely help students.

Lastly, we analyze the personal career achievements and the future path of each candidate. As Yeon focuses on the relationship between the tutor and the student, we look for instructors who can not only assist the student in the subject, but also serve as a mentor and role model for the student. Career experience includes but is not limited to internships, research, projects, and career paths. By selecting our instructors who have professional experience across various fields in the industry, we focus on matching our students and instructors on creating a bond that will continue beyond the tutoring sessions and create a network and meaningful relationship for both members.

After passing the screening stage, qualified candidates progress to the interview stage.

The Behavioral Interview consists of questions tailored toward candidates’ personalities. The character of the candidate is critical in passing this stage of the interview, because regardless of the candidate’s academic achievements and teaching experience, our primary purpose for the interviews is to understand the candidate beyond their resume and scores. That is, we are looking for instructors whose responses align with Yeon’s values of prioritizing the relationship with the student foremost.

Sample Question: Let’s say there are four different qualities: Diligence, Intelligence, Compatibility, Compensation. Can you rank these qualities in order you find most important when tutoring a student?

The Situational Interview consists of various difficult situations that could occur when teaching students, and we evaluate the candidates’ responses to find instructors who can develop and apply the most appropriate solution for each case.

Sample Question: What would you do if you have a schedule conflict and cannot host a session that’s already been arranged?


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